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Accept and Embrace

In the world, we are all different! In society, we view differences as a negative, rather than embracing the unique qualities which they can bring. We interpret differences as a disadvantage or a deficit, a thing which needs to change. In the neurotypical world, we tend to interpret behaviours; they are either socially acceptable or not; the ‘not’ behaviours may be questioned and interpreted as ‘wrong.’ Our mind is conditioned to think a certain way, in that we should avoid being different, which is unfortunate as many of us block ourselves off from the true beauty that individual differences could bring.

All children have their unique qualities and strengths, in my experience as a practitioner if we appreciate, accept, acknowledge, collaborate with, and support the growth of each child’s uniqueness they will flourish, develop confidence and feel accepted and safe in education and society. Try to view and understand their interests, no matter how different they may seem. For example, what do they like? What attracts them? What engages them? What makes them happy? What do they want to speak about? What activities do they initiate? Showing interest will support them in feeling supported and accepted.

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